The Value of Becoming a Member

Supporting the vital needs of six national parks is no small task, but it’s one we do with great passion and commitment.  And we can’t do it without you.

Membership is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection to the national park sites in Hawai‘i and American Samoa, and to become an advocate of the National Park experience.  By becoming a member of Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association (HPPA) you help support our ability to undertake so many key projects: The publication and distribution of educational books, guides, maps and other materials to educate and orient NPS visitors; funding visitor center exhibits and interpretive signage, sponsoring public talks and presentations, and stocking park libraries; providing information to visitors at NPS visitor centers.

With your commitment we can work together to continuing sponsorship of free cultural demonstrations and festivals that offer hands-on, authentic involvement in a living culture. Endangered species conservation efforts benefit as well—together we can support efforts to monitor and recover populations of the endemic nēnē (Hawaiian goose), the ‘ua‘u(Hawaiian petrel), and the critically endangered honu ‘ea (hawksbill sea turtle).

We strive every day to provide visitor service that exemplifies aloha and enhances each visitor’s experience.  Our park stores offer distinctive sales items that we hope encourage lifelong learning, stewardship, and that will extend a visit to the national parks all the way back home.  HPPA supports innovative park programs that inspire, reach new audiences, and promote the enduring relevance of our public lands.  Also, it is so important that we foster deep connections with the communities that touch the parks we serve by supporting programs that bring our youth into the national park sites in their communities.

What you’ll give us is far more than money; it’s faith in our mission and the future of the national parks.

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